BP goes London

At the end of March, two students of the BiTS Iserlohn followed the invitation of Boris Altemeyer, a BiTS-alumnus, and travelled to London to the Business Psychology Conference 2010 of the Westminster University.

In 2007, Boris Altemeyer finished his BP-Bachelor at the BiTS and started his Master´s degree at the Westminster University in London. As one of the three conference organizers, he invited the two students to come to London and have a look at the British way of business psychology. The program offered a mix of presentations, workshops and discussions about current BP-topics and new approaches of research. The different speakers, ranging from business managers and trainers to scientists, showed their own opinion on topics like diversity, resilience or team management.

The résumé after the day of the BP-Conference at the Westminster University: to be the winner of new science-based conclusions in the wonderful surrounding of the dignified walls of the Westminster University combined with the expertise of science and business in the metropolis London. And at least a working example of the alumni network between alumnus, students and the BiTS.

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