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Semester abroad for our students

Before Application

Where can I study abroad?

Study abroad at any of our partner universities in Europe, North America, Australia or Asia.

What are the advantages of studying at a partner university?
  • Selected programs of study and reliable university relationships
  • Erasmus+ Scholarship: Monthly allowance during your time abroad.
  • Certified compatibility of credit systems with University of Applied Sciences Europe.
What if I have something else in mind?

If none of our partner universities appeals to you, other alternatives are possible. Bear in mind that these other universities must meet certain accreditation criteria to ensure an equivalent academic standard. Plus, the application process entails more work and effort on your part. For your convenience, we always recommend you select one of our partner universities.

What is Erasmus+ and what are its advantages?

Erasmus+ is Europe’s most successful student exchange program. It enables two European universities to agree on an Erasmus+ partnership, giving students the chance to receive a scholarship from EU funds to support studies at the partner university.

When applying for most European partner universities, you will automatically apply for the Erasmus scholarship wherever available. 

To receive the Erasmus+ scholarship, you must first fulfill certain selection criteria:

  • Convincing letter of motivation: your reason for selecting this particular partner university
  • Positive letter of recommendation
  • Good marks and performance 
  • You will be asked to complete an Erasmus+ language test and submit a report on your experience by the end of the stay abroad

Erasmus scholarship rates are subject to available funding.

Please consult the Erasmus Charta.

When can I study abroad?

Depending on your study program, you are prompted either in the fourth or fifth semester to take a stay abroad.

Will my academic achievements be accepted when I return to University of Applied Sciences Europe?

You will choose your courses beforehand, which will normally be accepted upon your return. You are required to earn 30 credit points or their equivalent while studying abroad. 

Application Process

How do I apply for a semester abroad?

Please join the stay abroad information session, which is offered every semester. As soon as you have made your decision, inform the International Office wihtin the deadlines and you will be provided with next steps.

What are the application deadlines?

Winter semester: February 15th
Summer semester: August 1st