• Pre-semester English course for freshmen

Pre-semester English course for freshmen

You don’t feel particularly at ease when it comes to speaking English? The grammar unsettles you? The thought of courses taught in English gives you a headache? No worries! We’ve prepared something for you: 

Your level of English will be determined at an assessment test, and the course exercises will be individually tailored for your level. The course takes place online and can be completed at home. The daily live sessions will be guided by a “live teacher”. 

When: September 4 through 15 (10 days)
Workload: About 50 hours (online exercises and live session)
Application deadline: August 18
Fees: 245 euros 

Please register by e-mail at:
Berlin: empfang@btk-fh.de
Hamburg: daniela.schink@gusgermany.de
Iserlohn: angelika.kostrzewa@gusgermany.de

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