It is our policy that you learn based on a practical approach and that you directly experience success. In the Business department, we have long-standing associations with renowned national, international and regional firms. The interaction between representatives of these firms and students during lectures, workshops, and seminars is one of the main pillars of a degree at University of Europe for Applied Sciences. Such connections provide a broad network that opens the door to a variety of internships, working student jobs, and graduate positions – Getting you onto a successful career path.

Entrepreneurship today calls for thinking along international lines.

The compulsory semester abroad in the bachelor’s degree programmes, and the International Summer School in the master’s degree programme, qualify you for managerial duties at international firms. Collaborations with partner universities abroad present further opportunities: You can gain a second academic degree in addition to your degree at our university – The complementary international degree. This greatly increases your chances of getting your foot on the first step of the career ladder.

Our graduates’ successes prove that our concept is on the right track: Nearly 70% succeed in getting their first job straight after completing their studies. Almost 90% are in employment within a few months.