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Collaborative Project 2016 on VR/AR

BiTS Business Case on Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) at SAP’s

You have played Pokémon GO or know friends who did? Then you witnessed augmented reality has finally arrived at the consumer level. But how can that technology be used in a professional environment? What are the future markets to target today? How do products need to look like? What are boundaries to be crossed first? What industry will be a feasible market?

Go beyond your courses! Thus team up, find out and ‘get em all’!

Business and Information Technology School in Germany offers talented and top-motivated students an extraordinary challenge to present themselves in front of Europe’s leading software company SAP on-side SAP’s HQ close to lovely Heidelberg in Germany. This year it is all about teamwork: You and your team will challenge your fellow co-students’ teams and finally work in co-op mode altogether on the final pitch. Pre-seminar preparations include virtual collaboration in your teams as well as online-based live case presentation training from a professional trainer. Your team will comprise co-students from different countries. Pick your favorite role inside your team!

Once on-site in Germany you will meet your client SAP “in person” and finalize your recommendations as a strategy consultant in the field of professional future markets for augmented and virtual technology. Spare some PokéBalls and try SAP’s latest high-tech AR/VR gadgets personally while developing an innovative market concept for this very technology given limited time. Present in front of an international academic jury as well as of SAP professionals on December 8 to 10, 2016. Get feedback directly from the field!