• Leon Willemsen in New York City

Abroad Story - Leon Willemsen in New York

The Abroad Semester is a part of almost every study program of the Business, Media, Psychology and Sports programs. Leon Willemsen just went to New York City to study at the PACE University. You would like to know what it is like to study abroad in New York? We will keep you posted! Cklick here for part two and part three of Leon's adventures.


My name is Leon Willemsen, I’m 22, and I study Business & Management Studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Campus Hamburg. I am also a hockey player at the “Hamburger Polo Club” in the Bundesliga. Having successfully completed my third semester and as set out in the curriculum, it’s finally time for me to go abroad in my fourth semester! In my case, it’s going to be at PACE University in New York in the US. This school is in the middle of Manhattan and it will fulfill a small dream of mine to live at least once for an extended period of time in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world.

The city has fascinated me ever since my childhood without ever having set a foot. New York seems to me really special with its combination of intense city life and its green heart, the Central Park.

Are you also considering about doing a semester abroad? I would like to give you the opportunity to follow me during my time in the US. I will be sharing my experiences and impressions with you by writing reports during that time. In addition, it’s possible to follow my semester on social media (in particular on Instagram @ue.business.media and @leowillemsen.)

The semester abroad is surely the absolute highlight for all of us studying for a bachelor’s degree! Our year group can really be found all over the world. Sydney and Bali, Shanghai and Mexico, San Diego and Dublin, we are spread all over the place but precisely this diversity is what makes this experience and our year group unique.

I can’t yet clearly formulate my expectations for my semester abroad. I will certainly use numerous weekends to go around the tourist hot spots. Otherwise I’m really excited about the local student life, and I’m sure something will come out of that. Equally I’m looking forward to meeting people who live there: looking forward to learn about their mentality, outlook, and culture, about which I want to know more. Watching an NBA game live is also on my bucket list.

For the moment, I can confidently say that I and surely all my fellow year group are incredibly excited about the semester abroad and this experience will certainly make a positive and lasting impact for the rest of my life.

Stay tuned!


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