• Die neuen Studierenden des ALBA College in Berlin

    The new students of ALBA College in Berlin

  • Begrüßung der Studierenden des ALBA College in Berlin
  • Rektor Stefan Stein begrüßt die Erstis

    Rector Prof. Dr. Stefan Stein welcomes the freshmen

  • Alba Mitglied Enderres begrüßt die Erstis

ALBA BERLIN College Take two: New students on the Campus in Berlin

Yesterday, the University of Applied Sciences Europe welcomed new students for the dual degree Sport & Event Management (B.Sc.) at the Berlin Campus for the second time! 

With a women's quota of 50%, 10 basketball enthusiasts now begin the English-language program at the ALBA BERLIN College together with UE and ALBA BERLIN

We are also particularly happy to be part of the career of another basketball celebrity: Tim Schneider, player for the ALBA BERLIN pro team, has decided to explore his passion through management as well. One big advantage for him is that the timetable of the program matches the basketball season perfectly. 

We wish all prospective basketball managers the best of luck and success for the coming years their studies!

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