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    Heitjans, Stein und Ksienzyk-Kreuziger

  • News_2015_03_28_Prof_Ernennung

    Heitjans, Stein und Ksienzyk-Kreuziger

Appointment of Professors in Berlin

New faces joined the professor staff at BiTS Hochschule in Berlin: Dr. Bianca Ksienzyk-Kreuziger and Dr. Torsten Heitjans were appointed as professors by BiTS principal Prof. Dr. Stefan Stein.

Prof. Dr. Bianca Ksienzyk-Kreuziger is a lecturer as well as head of the study program Business Psychologie (B.Sc.). Following her studies of psychology at the University of Potsdam she obtained her doctorate in the field of working and organisational psychology, her focus being on recruiting and health management. Her occupation has been centered around communication and behavioural training as well as leadership coaching. “I am looking forward to working with students on the necessary skill set to master any relevant obstacles while maintaining a vital learning atmosphere. Apart from teaching, I am devoted to research. Throughout my professional path I have made exciting observations that I would like to manifest scientifically.”

Her colleague Prof. Dr. Torsten Heitjans is responsible for the program Business and Management Studies (B.Sc.). He is also engaged in developing english-speaking studies for the international setting that is Berlin. With his career path beginning as a scientific trainee in Marketing and Media studies at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, he obtained his doctorate in the field of brand management. He further studied economic sciences in Hannover and Maastricht and concentrates on the topic of entrepreneurship. Having been involved in technology management and venture projects at Humboldt-Innovation, Heitjans has his own founding experience to show. Regarding the appointment, he enjoyed his students recognition the most, he says. 

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