• Teresa Schabo Erfolgsgeschichte

Successful University of Applied Sciences Europe student founds art and culture gGmbH

In 2015, Teresa Schabo founded the Soundbakerei gGmbH together with her business partners Robin Brunsmeier and Ilka Wekshagen besides her Masterstudies International Sport & Event Management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (formerly BiTS) Iserlohn. Headquartered in Halver, the company pursues the non-profit purpose of promoting art and culture (especially music).

1.What BiTS experience has particularly affected you?

A special "experience" you can not call it. Basically, it was the complete first semester in my sport and event management bachelor that has shaped me. We were an incredibly great course with a very good cohesion. We were celebrating together, learning together for the first exams, and it was just great to realize that I chose the right course.

2.What did you like about your studies? What are you particularly proud of?

I was definitely delighted from my foreign semester. Isn't it great to have the opportunity to choose a place to study, all over the world? I landed in Australia. For the first time I was completely on my own. Finding an apartment, looking for a job, mastering the university ... at the end, I stayed four weeks longer than planned and I had a great time in which everything was perfect.

3.What do you like most about your work and what are you proud of?

There are always new challenges, so you are never really finished and it is really hard to get everything under control. But it's just incredibly much fun to work for a thing that you are fully behind. We have fun at our sound bakery and are proud to see how our company is growing and what progress our work in the cultural field is doing.

4. Tell us an example in your work, where it was worth leaving well-known paths / going beyond your own borders. What helped you?

The best example is our Music Fever Festival. Even during my master's degree, the company was already growing, my business partner and I, we had the idea to the festival. A concert event, in an absolutely rural atmosphere and in the middle of a nature conservation and cultural landscape association. We had no idea if something similar would work in the tranquil halver. Until then, we had not made any big thoughts about green events, let alone any event of this magnitude organized independently. Nevertheless, we have dared to make a great festival with an incredibly great popularity from the outside and the help of the region Above the Volme, which has funtioned as official organizer in the first year. It was definitely worth it that we took this step, because after the success in the first year, the Music Fever 2017 has already been held for the fourth time and it is becoming more successful every year.

5.Where do you want to go? / What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve in 10 years?

We would like to have successful and satisfied artists under our label, sold out events where the sun shines and just as much fun in the work as today. Then we are satisfied.

6.Which experiences you learnt at your studies, are supporting you at work?

Already during my studies, I was lucky enough to apply what I had learned in practical examples. Even though this was only a small part of the study, in conjunction with the internships during the study period, these experiences were very valuable and have helped me with my work today.

Furthermore, we were told again and again at the University of Applied Sciences Europe how important it is to make many contacts and today I can confrim this.

7. Please describe your studies in Business and Leadership in three words.

"Used to the luxury" ... I see it like this: it is a luxury to be allowed to study in small groups and to have the opportunity to have a professional as a contact person for each emerging question. Many of my friends at other colleges and colleges did not have that privilege. If you have a question, you just need to knock on the top floor to the respective door, without an appointment, just like this.

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