• Kooperation mit dem MArketing Club Südwestfalen
  • Kooperation mit dem MArketing Club Südwestfalen
  • Kooperation mit dem MArketing Club Südwestfalen

Cooperation with the South Westphalia Marketing Club

“This cooperation makes sense, because it just fits!” says Daniel Wemper, spokesperson for the Junior Marketing Professionals (JuMPs). University of Applied Sciences Europe - Iserlohn has successfully established a cooperation with the South Westphalia Marketing Club. The contract for this cooperation was signed yesterday by Willi Denecke (President of South Westphalia MC), Daniel Wemper (JuMPs Spokesperson) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Stein (Rector of University of Applied Sciences Europe) in a celebratory atmosphere.

At University of Applied Sciences Europe, students already have the chance during the Bachelor Program to choose a concentration in marketing or to continue working on their marketing careers in a targeted fashion with the Master Program in Marketing Management & PR. University of Applied Sciences instructors are experts with years of experience and success in building and marketing brands.

To go along perfectly with this, South Westphalia MC offers all emerging young leaders a valuable network through JuMPs.

Within the scope of this cooperation, an active exchange on marketing topics will take place in the future. Already during their course of study and in a practical context, students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe can take part in Marketing Club events and build connections within this network for jobs and internships. Through the cooperation, Marketing Club members receive access to both lectures on the university campus relevant to marketing and to young talent. Among other plans, there a collaborative launch competition will be held. For both sides, building business contacts and participating in the regional economy are of paramount importance. “The University of Applied Sciences Europe educates the managers of the region,” says Prof. Dr. Ebbo Tücking, a successful entrepreneur and expert lecturer in marketing. “Together with the South Westphalia MC, we are now offering our students direct contact with marketing experts and organizations on site.”

The signing of the cooperation contract was the start of a successful evening. The South Westphalia MC hosted an exciting podium discussion at the university campus on the topic “Online kills offline?!” Circa 90 guests attended the discussion and were asked by moderator Prof. Dr. Jens Müller to participate directly in an online survey via smartphone. The members of the South Westphalia MC, students and professors gained insight into the different strategies of marketing communication. Afterwards, with intensive discussions, the night drew to a close.

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