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Full house at Techniker sport talk

Not a single seat remained empty last Thursday evening in the main lecture theater at BiTS in Iserlohn. Everyone wanted to attend “Techniker Sport Talk” to see an Olympic champion up close and personal. Fabian Hambüchen was the guest of a distinguished discussion panel on the theme of “Mental strategies in everyday life – What we can learn from top athletes”. Working together with our cooperation partner, Techniker Krankenkasse, local company representatives and our students were invited, and a large number of them accepted that invitation. There was a congenial panel around the Olympic champion. Prof. Jan Mayer (Sport Psychology), Jan Henningsen (HR Manager, Brauerei C. & A. Veltins), Prof. Henning Staar (Lecturer at BiTS), and Sina Schulze (BiTS student in the International Management for Service Industries program) also made interesting contributions under the chairpersonship of Tobias Hertel.

Prof. Jan Mayer opened the evening with an introductory talk titled “Success Begins in the Mind.” With a few videos and many examples from his day-to-day work with sport teams and individual athletes, he explained to the guests how much influence the mind really has on performance in sport. The panel discussion followed the lively presentation. Fabian Hambüchen was able to reveal a lot about the importance of mental strength based on his many years of experience. “In the end, it’s simply about doing what I learn and practice in training every day. You can’t change or want anything different in competition. You have to shut out the crowds around you. When training in large venues, I block everything out,” the Olympic champion gave an insight into his strategy. He was able to fall back on his family for support in this area. His uncle is a mental coach and had supported him from the beginning of his career in this field.

According to Jan Henningsen, many things from sport could be adapted to the business world, but not copied. “We try to coach our employees as much as possible and we’re currently building on our corporate health management. We can certainly look to things in the world of sport, but we must make them fit with our corporate culture. For us, the health of our employees is an essential part of corporate management.”

With contributions from Prof. Henning Staar and Sina Schulze, professor and student at the private university in Iserlohn, guests were treated to a wide range of topics from sport to business to studying. There was a tip from the Olympic champion to the students at the end of the panel discussion: “Don’t put yourself under too much stress and worry about your exams. The more you pile pressure on yourself, the worse the results are in most cases. Try to be relaxed and approach with a sense of fun, however without losing sight of the importance.”

The guests were able to talk about the exciting evening at a “get together” event at “Veltins Bar” after the panel discussion. Fabian Hambüchen stayed on for ample time for selfies and individual conversations, so that all guests were thoroughly inspired and motivated when they made their way home. 

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