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Award for Green Business Management students

Annual report and sustainability report in one, is that possible? A project at the Gaia-Institut led by the Program Director for Green Business Management Prof. Thomas Meuser addressed this issue.

Barmenia Versicherungen is headquartered in Wuppertal and publishes both the legally required accounts every year and also sustainability reports regularly with 2015 being the most recent. A joint publication of both reports is under consideration for 2017, especially since an EU Directive (“CSR Directive”) explicitly envisages such a possibility.

A student group at BiTS has worked on this topic intensively during the winter semester 2016/17. What does such a report look like? What content must and should be included? Are there structural recommendations? Are there already examples of integrated reports? At whom is the report aimed? These and other questions were at the heart of their analysis.

Senior Head of Legal Department and Chief Compliance Officer at Barmenia Versicherungen Dr. Torsten Schulte presented the students with an award for their successful work.

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