• Hendrik Hagedorn

Dr. Hendrik Hagedorn appointed as professor

Warm congratulations to the professor! Dr. Hendrik Hagedorn has been appointed professor just in time for the start of his new Entrepreneurial Economics program in Berlin. Says Hagedorn: “To become a professor is of course not just an honor but above all a challenge. Perhaps I can contribute my part in showing that economics will at some point no longer be considered a math exercise but as a way of thinking. Those interested should study the Austrian School, especially Ludwig von Mises.”

The new program at BiTS combines the study of economics along the principles of the Austrian School with practice-oriented courses in management and finances. As such, Entrepreneurial Economics is the first English-language Master’s program in Europe anchored in the field of Austrian Economics. Alongside the focus on Austrian Economics, this program also looks at the diversity of methods in economics, as all relevant schools of thought are taken into account.

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