• Freya-Alessa Hausmann auf Hawaii
  • Freya-Alessa Hausmann auf Hawaii
  • Freya-Alessa Hausmann auf Hawaii
  • Freya-Alessa Hausmann auf Hawaii

Aloha life, Goodbye doubt: Freya Hausmann in Hawaii

Freya Hausmann is a BiTS student from Berlin and spent her semester abroad in Hawaii. Now back in Germany she told us about her experience, her impression and inspiration she took home.

“Time spent away from home, on the other side of the world, will change you and you will start to see the world from a different perspective.” Had somebody told me that half a year ago, I would have thought: “Stop driveling” – but now I know it is true.

In January I packed my bags and moved from Berlin to Hawaii. Yeah I know; studying in Hawaii sounds like a crazy combination and believe me it is, yet a pretty good one! But let’s start at the beginning: During the first couple of weeks you are confronted with an awful lot of impressions – a new culture, a different language, meeting people from different nations. Therefore, it takes some time to get used to it. But once you have settled in a feeling that I have never experienced before arises. A feeling of strength, self-confidence and satisfaction. A feeling that inspires you to think about many things.

Away from home not only means being away from family and friends, but also being away from your daily routine. This is what makes you think. “We are all creatures of habit.  One tends to cling to old, sometimes bad habits instead of being open to the new and the good ones”, says open-minded thinker and actor Jens Roth.

No need to say, sometimes it is easier to get lost in daily-routine and avoid problems, instead of being honest to oneself and dealing with it.

On the other side of the world, alone at the beach on a Sunday morning. It’s 6:30am. The jetlag woke me up and got me here. The sun slowly rising behind the blue ocean, the Starbucks coffee still too hot to drink – the way everything in the USA is extremely hot, sweet and salty – suddenly you can’t avoid dealing with yourself. Whether it’s the jetlag or the excitement, there will be moments when everything tells you: “Think about your life”, the way the honeymoon suite without windows and mobile reception screams “have sex!” 

But let’s talk about the feeling. If you’re wondering what you need to do to trigger it – nothing. It comes automatically. It’s caused by the new environment, being on your own, the new language and finally by realizing that there is something beyond the “simple” daily routine.

Therefore, I appeal to you – hit the road! Whenever you get the chance to spend time abroad, take the chance! For me personally it was the best decision of my life. It doesn’t have to be the other side of the world. A semester in another European country can be an eye opener for new things too. Go for it and travel on!”

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