• Berliner Salon Vortrag

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Invitation to the Berlin Salon

The Berlin Salon once again invites you to an exciting lecture. The topic in the evening is this round: "For more self-determination: Athletes, defend yourself against the anti-doping rules!

Are you interested in current sporting events and are you actively following them? Then this discussion is exactly to your taste. Discuss the anti-doping rules with our Professor of Sports Marketing Prof. Dr. Stefan Chatrath and representatives of athletes.

The main topic is the fight against doping and the conditions of athletes. Combating doping is certainly legitimate, no question about it. But a society based on liberal principles should not tolerate everything: There are certain limits - and these are currently far exceeded. For example, athletes must be available for doping control 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are obliged to inform the inspectors of their whereabouts for three months in advance. These regulations violate the "right to privacy", which is guaranteed to all citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Basic Law.

Must athletes accept this? Or would the anti-doping regulations have to be reformed in order to conform to fundamental rights? What must happen to ensure that the interests of athletes are better taken into account from the outset in the future? Who actually decides on the anti-doping rules?

You can discuss these and other questions at the Berlin Salon. 

When: Thursday, 25 April, 19.00 hrs (until approx. 20.45 hrs)
Where: Café Manstein, Mansteintr. 4, 10783 Berlin-Schöneberg (near S+U Yorckstr.)

Admission is free for all guests!

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