• Ehemalige UE Studentin bei der VfL Fußballwelt
  • Ehemalige UE Studentin bei der VfL Fußballwelt

Katharina Henrichs at VfL Wolfsburg

Katharina Henrichs has studied Sport & Event Management in Iserlohn. After an internship at VfL Wolfsburg she has received a permanent position at VfL FußballWelt.

There is always something going at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, for example the semester abroad, internships, and student resorts. Which experience has made a great impact on you?

My mandatory internship which I was able to do at the events agency called fulfil eventconsulting GmbH in Dortmund had a particularly strong impact. I was employed there as a freelance project manager after my internship and was able to gain professional experience while studying. Projects included organizing events for BVB (Borussia Dortmund soccer club) (season opener, employee party, etc.). This way I was also able to gain first experiences with events related to a soccer club.

I cannot neglect to mention the semester abroad. I was in San Diego and that was a very wonderful and eventful time, both in terms of the study and the country as a whole. During that time I was of course able to improve my English further and make contacts. We were able to do a practical project during that semester as well, and that once again gave me new perspectives on working abroad. I would do that again given the opportunity and I am still very thankful that the semester abroad was mandatory for us and we were supported so well by the host university as well as our alma mater.

The students have chosen a new slogan. “Create your Story, Inspire the World.” What experiences from your studies have supported you to embark on your very personal career path? What has inspired you to take this path?

As I’ve already mentioned, I have been guided by the experiences I gained in my internship. I noticed early on there that I wanted to work at a soccer club and that working in this club structure was really good fun for me. Of course all of the lectures helped me to find out my strengths and weaknesses as well as figure out what I really wanted to in the future and what I wanted to focus on. Many presentations on the topic of soccer held above and beyond the lectures were always extremely helpful and reinforced my career choice.

What are you enthusiastic about your job today? What are you proud of?

I had never thought then that I would end up in Wolfsburg. That is to say very far away from home. But honestly it was the best decision of my life. I had quickly noticed that I wasn’t satisfied with merely planning events, and I needed to have a real job at a soccer club. For that reason I didn’t continue to work in the field of event agency, but instead sent out applications for internships at Bundesliga clubs after my bachelor’s degree. It didn’t work out at Dortmund, because there were no internships available. So I ended up with VfL Wolfsburg and I’m happy that it turned out this way. I completed a six-month internship in sponsoring and marketing and was offered a job straightaway after it. I’m very proud that I was hired immediately. I am simply happy and having lots of fun with the job in which I have been for more than three years now, two of which in the world of VfL soccer. I feel motivated by my tasks every single day, because we have a great atmosphere. Colleagues become friends and you develop further constantly and are supported very well here.

Tell us an example in your career where it was worthwhile abandoning the usual path / pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone? What had supported you in doing so?

As I don’t yet have a long career, it was really the move from Dortmund/Iserlohn to Wolfsburg. I wasn’t sure at the beginning whether I wanted to move away. However after the internship it became clear that I really wanted to stay here. But I made the decision to move

to an unfamiliar city all on my own and in that way I pushed myself well beyond my comfort zone. VfL Wolfsburg made this step easier for me and supported me in my plans as well.

What’s next? / What’s your dream? What would you like to have achieved in a decade?

That I can’t say with certainty. I am really very happy here in Wolfsburg and I think that I will still be here in 10 years’ time. Of course I personally will want to develop further and set goals and make progresses in my career. I am very sure that I can achieve all of that here at VfL Wolfsburg.

What’s your tip to current students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe? What should they capitalize on at school? What should they be looking out for their development?

My tip would be to really give your all in internships. Opportunities can arise from them that point to a path for your career choice. You should follow a clear goal from early on but also be open to new things. Had I restricted myself to Dortmund as my location and did not consider a move to another city, then I would not be in the position in which I find myself today. Students should not therefore concentrate on a single company or location, sometimes you reach your destination via a detour. It also certainly pays to attend lectures to make contacts, do a semester abroad to gain new experiences and become more self-reliant. Sometimes you may have doubts but those who believe in themselves get ahead. The faculty and administration supported me in many areas, but I have also learned a lot on my own during my time at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Finally: Describe your time at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in three words!

Multifaceted – Exciting – Success oriented

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