• BiTS Gastvortrag Kaweh Niroomand

Visiting professor Kaweh Niroomand receives Order of Merit

Kaweh Niroomand, the BR Volleys Manager and visiting professor for the “Sport & Event Management” program, received the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin - a highly significant honor for the sport enthusiast.
Yesterday, Saturday, October 1st, 2016, the 63-year old received the Order of Merit from the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller. With this honor, the city not only recognized his tireless contributions to volleyball in Germany, but also his commitment to the Berlin Recycling Volleys and the sports metropolis Berlin.
For Kaweh Niroomand this recognition is not only an acknowledgment of his work as stated in the press release by Berlin Recycling Volleys: “This honor really means a lot to me. It is in part recognition of my personal voluntary work of the past thirty years, but it is moreover a great appreciation of our BR Volleys project and the successes that we have achieved in the past few years. I would like to stress that these successes would not have been possible without the huge support of the colleagues in the company administration and also the players, who have kept faith in the club over so many years. My efforts beyond volleyball to advocate for Berlin as a sport city and for an increased appreciation for popular and top-class sports have been recognized by this Order of Merit.”

We congratulate Mr. Niroomand for his honor!

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