• Markus Lanz

BiTS students visit Marks Lanz

What really happens behind the camera in a studio? Who takes part in the shoot? And does the production control room really look like the ones in American movies?

These questions occupied the minds of Media Studies students in their second and third semesters on Campus Altona. Some of these questions had already been answered by the specialist lecturer for Media Studies Dr. Katrin Prüfig in her lectures on television. But for the really big questions, theory simply wasn’t enough.
So the Media Studies students visited television producers in Altona.
Upon their arrival a broadcast of Markus Lanz Talkshow awaited them, which they followed live from the first row of the audience. Markus Lanz discussed topical themes with politician Anton Hofreiter, journalist Ulf Poschardt, physical Dr. Marianne Koch, handball coach Dagur Sigurdsson, and musician Bela B. entertainingly and with journalistic substance.
After a tour of the studios, where not only the Markus Lanz Talkshow, but also “Die Küchenschlacht” is also recorded, there were no more unanswered questions: A 9700 square foot studio, with six cameras and the most up-to-date technology, and a production control room with its screens and control sliders that resembled a cockpit of a spaceship. Students left the studio with many insights, new experiences, and a group photo with the host.

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