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  • TK Sport Talk in Iserlohn

Panel discussion at the University of Applied Sciences Europe Iserlohn writes a headline

Vice World Champion Rico Freimuth discusses the digitalization in the sports field at the Campus in Iserlohn (NRW).

For this an article was published in the IKZ newspaper.
In addition to Rico Freimuth, Vice World Champion 2017 in decathlon, where Tim Reichert, former professional soccer player of RW Oberhausen and now leader of the E-Sport-Department at Schalke 04, and Prof. Dr. Uwe Freimuth, who is a former world-class athlete and today professor of Sport and Event Management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

The heated discussion was about digitization and its increasing presence in sport.
In the process, video evidence, optimization of performance controls and data backups came up in the conversation.
For Rico Freimuth, digital assets are not important. For him, the connection to the coach counts. However, he also admits that it is a cool option and has a positive effect for the leisure sport.

Hard in the criticism was in the discussion the increasingly popular E-Sports.
Eight-hour training days and high concentration competitions need a fit player, says Tim Reichert. Prof. Dr. Freimuth accented that cognitive effort also costs a lot of energy.

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