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Selfie alarm at Rubicon Contest at BiTS

Business Administration students from around the world compete against each other.

Five countries, seven teams, one contest: business administration students from Poland, Germany, Croatia, and Malaysia compete at BiTS in Iserlohn against each other, also including a team of BiTS students for the first time.

"Finally, it is also a BiTS team in the race," says project manager Anna Römermann about the competition, which was launched in 2006. Since last weekend, all participants met, enjoyed the weekend together in Dortmund and stayed at A & O Hostel. "That's always a crazy situation," Vidhya Grohs, who organizes the contest together with Anna Römermann, says and laughs. "Everyone gets along very well, international exchange is great fun, but a few hours later you might have to compete against the people with whom you had a friendly chat over lunch."

Young talents in economics from all around the world are in demand at Rubicon on the campus of Business and Information Technology School (BiTS) in Iserlohn. For the ninth time a team of 20 young graduates of the university braces this international competition. This years' topic are case studies and finding solutions to problems around the theme of "crisis management in enterprises". Professors and experts from the business rate evaluate the ideas and concepts formulated by the participants. Prof. Dr. Daniel Kaltofen, Vice Dean of the master's program Finance Management, sat in the jury and said: "The different approaches of the teams is really impressive. Depending on the cultural background, specific grand ideas are created, although the task is the same for everyone. This is great fun!". Jury colleague Tom Steller, an alumnus of BiTS, who completed in 2010 and works today in the commercial vehicle communication department of Daimler AG, says: "As a former of the university, it is great to see that students from all over the world come together on the campus and measure their knowledge. It's nice that the contest has now almost become tradition."

The favourite teams were "Labyrinth" from Malaysia, the "Polish Eagles", the "Navis 9000" from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and the BiTS team from Iserlohn. Anne Mareike Henning, master's student at BiTS: "Our team was particularly special! We grew together every day even more - that was a great experience." Julian Vaterrodt and Andreas Nikodem join: "We have been brought together, we know each other from the bachelor's studies. No one would have expected that it all goes so well."

"We learn so much here!", says Ewelina Cendrowicz from the "Polish Eagles" of the University of Warsaw and the European Law School at Maastricht University. "And the contest is well organized!" She signed up together with three fellow students. "My sister was here five years ago," says Daria Dziwulska. "She nearly commanded us to participate in the Contest. It's a great experience and we learn a lot of interesting people. We are proud to be here! "

Already persuaded since last year was Nicole Chew from the "Labyrinth" team from INTI International College Subang Jaya  - she was so excited that she signed up again this year. "I am still in contact with participants from last year! This year I brought my friends and we made together a European tour. "We've been three days in Prague, we then went to Berlin to see the Berlin Wall, since Sunday we've been in Dortmund and Iserlohn. "A great experience," says Illya Ayustina. "Only the weather is not so nice."

The "Navis 9000" from the renowned University of St. Gallen in Switzerland entered the race as well. They were not aware that their university would be so well-known. "The different teams, that was really inspiring. You could actually recognize the mentality of universities and cultures from the individual presentations"says Christof about his unique experience in Iserlohn.

The highlight of this busy week was the gala dinner in Zweibrückerhof in Herdecke. The rector of BiTS, Prof. Dr. Stefan Stein, greeted all teams very warmly and gave courage to those who could not make it to the podium to participate again next year. "Sometimes you are just at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Then it's just time to take it easy!'

Afterwards, Carlos Bertran, CEO Laureate Germany, said to the guests: "The Rubicon Contest is a contest that shows 100% how we understand universities. Proactive, international, learning-by-doing. What the teams have done here during the last few weeks and months is unimaginable. They fought like lions!" He then asked a representative of each team to come on stage and answer the question "What have you learned? in 30 seconds. Strengths and weaknesses were identified, team building experiences led to enthusiastic cheers between stage and audience, meeting so manny different people was in focus, the team "Malayan Tiger" exclaimed enthusiastically "We want to take all our impressions to Malaysia and tell everyone about our experience. Germany is beautiful! "

Between all these speeches, the following scenario again and again: Selfie alarm! Equipped with a telescopic bar little groups came closely together and shot photos of themselves. The Malays had transmitted their enthusiasm to everyone, so that Swiss, Poles, professors, students and Rubicon team members continuously grinned in front of a camera.

As the great ceremony began, the large ballroom became quiet and serious. Who shall be on the podium? The BiTSler did not make it unfortunately, they ended up on the 4th place. The 3rd place went to the "Polish Eagles" (which, incidentally, in advance assured us that they would finish among the top three winners). The 2nd place was awarded to the Malaysian "Labyrinth" with a more than fitting price, a Go-Pro camera, and the 1st prize was won by everyone's favorite, the Swiss "Navis 9000". "We really did not expect that." they said. "What a great night!"

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