• Studierende im Silicon Valley
  • Studierende im Silicon Valley
  • Studierende im Silicon Valley

    Stanford University

Silicon Valley Experience – Get to Know Top Companies and Founders and Discover the Silicon Valley

Ten students from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn had the chance to get exclusive insights in to the world of the tech industry.

Thanks to the contacts of “Valley Scout” Marc Schmöger and University of Applied Sciences Professor Dr. Ebbo Tücking, the students were able to experience a work week in Silicon Valley, conversations with company founders, investors and managers, as well as visits to the renowned Stanford University, Apple, Google and LinkedIn.

The goal was to learn from the best in the tech industry and to bring their entrepreneurial enthusiasm back to Germany. South of San Francisco, the Silicon Valley is known for its uniquely high concentration of companies in the electronics, telecommunications and hardware/software industries.

“There’s a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit in the group,”enthused Marc Schmöger. In the evenings, ideas were mapped out on paper. “We want to develop an idea further together, and when it works, to make it a reality,” said Mira Shaline Motiramani, a master student from Hamburg who earned her bachelor in the US. “Along with our entrepreneurial drive, a real University of Europe spirit developed over the course of the week. If we end up collaborating together now from our various locations on a startup, then our trip to Silicon Valley would have helped us reach all of our goals,” says Professor Tücking.

The plan going forward is to offer the trip yearly, in order to give even more students the chance to get a taste of the extraordinary entrepreneurial atmosphere of the Silicon Valley.

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