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A unique Silicon Valley Experience!

What does it actually look like inside the offices of Google, Tesla or Snapchat? We take you on an exciting trip into California’s tech industry where we visit legendary companies and set up initial contacts.

But Silicon Valley is not just all about fierce competition. People from all kinds of backgrounds can prosper and make friends here!

An example of this is the Silicon Valley Tour in 2014 with three private universities from Berlin and Amsterdam. After interesting visits to start-up companies and a tech conference held at the Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds in Monterey, the evening was enjoyed at the sundowner party. The head of marketing at “Burning Man”- a cult festival jam-packed with art and including a presentation of the company – gave in-depth technical information. Around the evening fire, she spoke about the organization of the festival, which is created out of nothing in the middle of the desert and offers space for 70,000 revelers. 

We’re eager to see what awaits the students in November this time.

Want to be there? Register before September 10 and receive an additional 10% discount on the booking!

You can find more info about the Silicon Valley Experience here.

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