• Landtag Diskussion

    Foto: Daniel Behmenburg

Business Law students at BiTS discuss with Member of the State Parliament Sven Wolf

The usual one-hour slot with a Member of the State Parliament was not long enough for the many points of debate that 12 students from BiTS Iserlohn discussed with the legal expert and politician Sven Wolf last Wednesday at the plenary session. They traveled from Iserlohn to Düsseldorf with Prof. Eva Feldmann to gain an impression of the debates in a plenary session and the legal policies of the state. The big thematic arc started with technical aspects of insolvency laws, then extended to short-term loans to municipalities and the pact to strengthen town finances, tax receipts and rates, and ended on questions about criminal justice and the appropriate penalties for misdemeanors such as using a mobile device while driving and more serious offenses such as illegal car racing.

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