• Rafael Wilms

BiTS student Rafael Wilms at LSE

During his time in England, Rafael Wilms was most impressed by the atmosphere within the rooms, halls and corridors of the London School of Economics.

“There are so many myths and stories, so many significant people lived and studied in these buildings” he says with great respect.  The University based in the British capital has more than a dozen Nobel Prize winners. That is a eminent glory, that shines above all.“ Wilms seizes the opportunity to attend five courses at the prestigious business school in Great Britain and has been staying there since the beginning of the year.

“We read a lot here, which seems to be quite common” he says. The school approaches topics from a different perspective. The economic and political aspects play an important role and that is new to me.“ Wilms graduated with a Bachelor´s degree in „Business Psychology“ and his current Master´s program has a tight schedule. Being a psychologist, your focus is on the person. With this program I had the chance to try something else. That´s why I applied – and I got accepted! “

Together with his fellow student Nico Sälzer he moved to London. The two had never met before. „That was absurd. When we met in London, we realized that we had been living on the same street in Iserlohn for four years and even our parents knew each other. It took for us to move to England to meet and now we´re having a great time! “ Wilms will go back to Germany in May where he has already found a job. Then he has to say goodbye to his student life in Barbican. “I am looking forward to it and the time here in England has provided me with what I had been missing. Also, my English skills have really improved!“

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