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Success Story Christine Piepiorka

Christine Piepiorka is Professor of Media and Communication at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and has also studied here. We met her for the interview and asked them about these two experiences.

On Campus Iserlohn, there was something going on all the time, for example, semester abroad, internships, and resort work. Which experience has made a deep impression on you?

There were a few … In 2001, we were the first ever students on the Media Management program and the second year group overall at the then BiTS. There was a lot to do to create structures that were important from the perspective of students. One of the first measures was to set up a student representative. I was the speaker. We were able to realize a lot of ideas. I was the co-founder of the radio station BiTS.FM and magazine BiTS.Licht that still exist today. It was really character-building that we had the opportunities to turn ideas into reality. I’m extremely happy that these institutions are still in existence and our year group was able to prepare the path a little for the following year groups.

Students have adopted a slogan “Create your story. Inspire the world.” What experiences from your time as a student have supported you to carve out your very personal career path? What inspired to go down this route?

Initially, the degree pointed me towards the media industry and more specifically in movie and TV production. However, during these practical jobs, I came to reflect again and again how these topics were taught at the university and how best a student could learn. So I came to the decision to become an instructor and also teach practically.

What makes you excited about your job today? What are you particularly proud of?

Working and developing ideas together with students excite me! I bring a lot of passion into my teaching and I don’t prescribe in detail what students should do but work together on the topics with them. Then I am proud of students when they come up with creative ideas and concepts with enthusiasm in my lectures and in that way learn practically.

Tell us an example from your career where it paid off to leave the well-trodden path / think outside of the box? What enabled you to do that?

After some time in the movie and TV industry, I worked in marketing and did my master’s at the same time. The company offered me an attractive new position. At the same time, my master’s supervisor asked me whether I wanted to do a doctorate. I had to decide either to go back to the stable corporate life or work part-time and start my doctorate. Without deciding for the latter option, I wouldn’t be here.

Where is this going to lead? / What is your dream? What would you like to have achieved in 10 years’ time?

I have found my dream job as a university instructor. I would really like to continue working as an instructor, further developing my specialist knowledge, and trying out new opportunities with students. Precisely in the media field, you must keep up-to-date, discuss the newest trends with students, and develop yourself further. I would like to teach in an innovative way and I’m excited by the opportunities in the future, especially in the digital possibilities.

What’s your tip to the current students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe Campus Iserlohn? How should they use their time at the university? What should they be aware of in their development?

Be brave and do things. Never be too timid to express your ideas. You should enjoy the student life but also start connecting with your classmates and instructors. These contacts pay off even ten years later.

Finally, describe your degree at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in three words!

Independent, challenging, creative

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