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Success Story Doreen Wilmink

Doreen Wilmink is doing her Master in Corporate Management and Marketing Management & PR at Campus Iserlohn. During her bachelor studies in business psychology, she completed her internship in the management consulting industry during her practical semester. She became interested in marketing and decided to take two master's courses. We met her for an interview and asked her about these two experiences.

Doreen, you already have a Bachelor’s degree in business psychology (BP). Now you have decided to add a Master’s degree. There are many universities that offer excellent courses in business. Why did you choose the University of Applied Sciences Europe – formerly BiTS?

The convenient location and above all the wealth of easily accessible support convinced me to go to Campus Iserlohn. In addition, I really liked the idea of an integrated practical semester, which would give me the chance to apply what I was learning in practice. I was and still am convinced that it is better to follow the lecturer’s train of thought in small course groups than in a huge lecture hall, where you might not get a seat and hardly understand anything.

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you have the opportunity to ask questions at any time and the lecturers explain the topics in a variety of ways to make sure that everyone understands.

The Master’s program also has a “rule” that no lectures are held on Mondays and Tuesdays, which means that students have the opportunity to work as work students.

There is always something going on at Campus Iserlohn: e.g. semesters abroad, internships and departmental work. Which study experience do you remember in particular?

One of my personal highlights was definitely when Fabian Hambüchen was a guest at the “Sporttalk der Techniker” at the university and you could have a relaxed chat with an Olympic champion. After the panel discussion in the Audimax, the students stood together in the foyer and were able to ask him all the questions that were on their minds.

Of course, the Bavarian Summer Festival is always a lot of fun. Everyone dresses up in traditional costumes and heads out onto the campus grounds to celebrate. Of course, the practical semester was also very interesting.

What I will remember the most are the people I am sharing my six semesters with. Completing almost every course with the same group of students quickly leads to very strong friendships, which will certainly stand the test of time. Because no matter whether in the different great departments or in the study everyday life, the community among the students is very much respected and valued.

The students chose a slogan. “Create your story. Inspire the world.” What experiences from your studies will help you to pursue your own personal career path? What inspired you to follow this path?

At the end of the Bachelor’s program, it was exciting to see all the different fields my fellow students were going into – despite all graduating from the same Business Psychology program.

The fact that there are so many different professions you can pursue with the same degree certainly opens up the way you see your own possibilities. I was inspired by people who went in completely different directions, and because the BP Master’s option was entirely what I was looking for, I sought alternatives and found them in my current Master’s program. Another inspiring moment was when the founder and a leading employee of Urlaubsguru.de told us about how they started their company and their time as students. They also studied here at Campus Iserlohn. Their stories really inspired me and made me realize that every path you want to take is possible.

You have already gained your first experience in the world of work thanks to internships during your studies. How did you get started in your various positions? Please tell us what you find particularly exciting.  

During my four months in management consulting, I gained experience not only in legal and tax consulting, but above all in investment management. It was a completely new experience. I communicate with people in other countries, visited other companies and attended in-company meetings. I worked on many different projects at the same time and gained a lot of insight into many different aspects of work.

I just turned up at the brand management agency, DES WAHNSINNS FETTE BEUTE, and asked if I could get an insight into the everyday life of the agency. After a few highly informative conversations, I happily accepted the great offer of a work student position and am delighted to be there.

You are currently working for the agency DES WAHNSINNS FETTE BEUTE. Please give us a few insights into your everyday life. What is your daily routine and how would you describe your professional life?

Lots of coffee, fun and togetherness!
As a work student at DES WAHNINNS FETTE BEUTE, I support employer branding projects and carry out important everyday tasks. Employer branding, which also includes leadership branding, is all about finding out the best way to develop and promote the potential of employees. Each employee undergoes a personal analysis and the psychological nature of this analysis makes it a perfect fit with the field of business psychology. It gives me the opportunity to directly apply what I learned during my Bachelor’s program. Every day is completely different, there are always new, mostly spontaneous tasks, meetings and seldom a set daily routine (except Tuesdays, when the whole team gets a super tasty, freshly cooked lunch!). In addition, I have helped organize events and even been allowed to interview the guests afterward!

About six months ago, I launched a “happiness calendar” as my own project. My aim is to strengthen employee communication and team cohesion, to keep colleagues in a good mood and to help everyone be more mindful of their own happiness. This is achieved through a small task or a slogan for every day.
One of the things I liked most about working there is that I often get to work with a lot of different people, including members of other departments. “Teamwork” here means the entire team, not just each department on its own.
Since I took my first courses in marketing last semester, I am able to look over my colleagues’ shoulders and see how all this works in practice. I am already very excited!

As mentioned above, you have also started a Master’s program at Campus Iserlohn and want to join the double Master’s program. How did this decision come about and what combination of subjects is available? What do you hope to get out of it?

Before I started my Master’s, I could not decide which Master to take. After a lengthy consultation, the university gave me the opportunity to complete two Masters at the same time. I hadn’t seen this anywhere else and was immediately thrilled. In March 2018, I started my Corporate Management (CM) Master’s, because I find the area of corporate management and organizational development very interesting. During my practical semester, I had already gained insights into the field, but studying it gives me the chance to learn more about the subject. I had already specialized in the field of human resources with my Bachelor’s degree in business psychology, which is why I was attracted to a broader Master’s program. In addition, I was able to choose Marketing & Sales as well as HR as part of my Master’s program; the second one to deepen my Bachelor’s focus.

My second Master’s will be in Marketing Management & Public Relations. We hardly had any of these subjects in the BP Bachelor, but I'm really interested in them. In order to see which tasks might await me later in my career, I read through lots of different job descriptions for jobs that require qualifications in marketing management. I could well imagine doing this myself and found that the job description mirrored my interests.

The CM Master’s does include a focus on Marketing & Sales, but I wanted to gain a deeper understanding, which is why I am pursuing the second Master’s. Even though at first glance the two courses seem to go in two completely different directions, there are still parallels and opportunities to combine them. I hope that this will significantly improve my career prospects, as it is rare for potential employees to have two Master’s degrees, especially with this particular combination of subjects. The main thing, however, is to find (or create) a job that is fun and always remains interesting. If you can combine your interests with your work, all the better.

You’ve been through a lot, but life still has a lot to offer. What’s the next step? / What is your dream? What do you want to have achieved in ten years?

In recent years, my plans for the future have often changed, mostly in completely different directions, which is why it is difficult to commit myself so far in advance. In any case, my focus is on keeping my work fun and being around positive and great people. Whether I will end up working in a large or small company, an agency or starting my own business is still completely open.

What is your tip for future and current students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe? What opportunities should they seize at the university? What should they pay attention to in their development?

You should definitely take advantage of the discussion groups and Entrepreneur Days. Through various discussions, you might discover an area that is interesting for you and that you had never thought of before. The Entrepreneur Days are a great opportunity to get to know a lot of people who can help you on your way to an internship or launch your career. In addition, you should definitely take the opportunity to customize your course program whenever you can. The Master’s program lets you choose between a work student job, an internship, a semester abroad or a summer/winter school. Adapting your course to your own needs makes the program even more enjoyable because you benefit from a more personalized structure, which means that you are not always following a predetermined path. If you do that, your course program will better reflect your individual journey. In addition to making contacts, you should also keep your life balanced. This is very important!

Finally: Describe your studies in three words!

Versatile - Promising - Challenging

Here you can find the YouTube video with Doreen.

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