• Torsten Klinkow
  • Torsten Klinkow

Lecture series by photographer Torsten Klinkow

Do you see your future in advertisement as a graphics designer or art director? Do you want a job that looks over the horizon, involves traveling, where you need to be creative on location, and don’t develop ideas in an open-plan office which are then sold by others? Yes? Then that’s what Torsten Klinkow does!

A well-known photographer Torsten Klinkow visited Campus Altona and gave insight into his work routine to students. During his lecture, he talked above all about automotive photography and CGI (Computer Generated Images), as Torsten Klinkow works for very large corporations such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Seat, and Volkswagen.
After the lecture, students had plenty of time to ask questions, which the photographer answered extensively.

It was a successful evening all around that will be remembered for a long time and one or two students surely have been encouraged to go down the creative path. 

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