• UE-Studierende in der Hamburger „Spiegel“-Zentrale
  • UE-Studierende in der Hamburger „Spiegel“-Zentrale

University of Applied Sciences Europe students are discussing with the Middle East expert Dieter Bed

For the students of the lectures "Media Systems" and "Mass Communication" it was the first contact with the editors of the Hamburg news magazine "Der Spiegel". For the Head of Degree Program Journalism & Business Communication (B.A.), Prof. Dr. Willy Theobald, it was a visit to his former employer.

Middle East expert Dieter Bednarz - more than 35 years "Spiegel" editor - was available to the students on Thursday, 23.11. 2017 just under 90 minutes of speech and answer. For example, Bednarz, who is now a lecturer at our university, explained not only the weekly workflow and new Internet business models of the news magazine, but also the complicated preparatory work for the interview with the Syrian President Assad.

Of course, the focus was on the future of journalism and the integration of print and online business. The place for the lively discussion was the legendary K4 room, where the editorial conferences of the news magazine are also held. A tour of the not only architecturally interesting building in the Hafencity completed the almost two-hour event.


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