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Multi Level Player

Bengt completed his bachelor's degree in sport and event management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) in 2017. Today, he works at Lagardère Sports as an Associate Brand Consultant and looks after football clubs and sponsors. He says UE was the starting point for his career:

"Thanks to a guest lecture given by a Lagardère board member at our university, I immediately got in touch for an internship.”

Mediator between clubs and sponsors
After his internship, Bengt stayed with the company and quickly rose to become an Associate Brand Consultant. Bengt says, “My area of responsibility primarily includes contact with sponsors and their activation. I incorporate myself into a company and find points of intersection with various associations with regard to brand awareness and image. This also includes visualization for sponsors. I am a mediator between sponsors and football clubs, so to speak."

A partial scholarship for Sport & Event Management studies
In his spare time, Bengt used to play football for TSV Sarau in the district league. The fact that he later became professionally active in this field was a coincidence. "Originally I wanted to study mechanical engineering. But when I unexpectedly received the promise of a partial scholarship for the UE, it quickly became clear to me that sport would be my future”, says Bengt.

Solid studies as a professional prerequisite
To this day, Bengt's studies at UE have helped him in his everyday professional life, especially the courses in business administration which he had little knowledge in before. “The specialisation in football has also brought me a lot.” says Bengt, “This ranges from a profound knowledge of marketing to a good eye for trends in sport, which we even had as a subject). This content is now of great benefit to me."

Lecturers directly from practice
He further contends, "The lecturers are very good in their field and come directly from their industries. This means you learn what really matters, away from scientific content. In addition, they are very well connected, providing quick contact with relevant people.”

With private study to the dream job
At times, Bengt financed his studies with a partial scholarship from the UE. "I am very proud of my path, which I owe only to my private studies." About the university, he says, "I hear again and again in the industry that the UE graduates have a very good reputation. They are very good in their field and, above all, proactive.”

Studying Sport & Event Management
“As a sports and event manager, we develop and manage events and major events from a wide variety of fields. This ranges from sports events and music festivals to marketing and corporate events in the business world or trade fairs.” says Bengt, “In addition to the conception and implementation, the job also includes considering profitability, market analysis and the clarification of legally relevant circumstances. Due to the increasing importance of events and the increasing independence of organisers from established media through the Internet, the demand in this area is constantly growing.”

According to Bengt, “The professional field is extensive and ranges from sports management and sponsor marketing to customer relationship management, event planning and PR. Students at UE learn the basics of sports, event and project management and acquire theoretical knowledge in business administration, controlling, economics, statistics and empirics, taxes, business law and mediation. By the end of the course, they are able to develop, plan and accompany events and major events efficiently and effectively.”

Thanks to individual specialisations, you can decide during your studies where you want to go.” He says, “In the field of sports, UE offers a targeted specialisation in football management and a dual study programme, Sport & Event Management at ALBA BERLIN COLLEGE, which is a specialisation in basketball. With the help of a large selection of optional modules, students can become professionals in areas such as automotive management, corporate management, digital business or public relations. Beyond that UE offers entrepreneurship as further consolidation option for all, aimed at those who would like to become more independent or, perhaps, already have their own idea for enterprise or a start-up.”

You can find out how Bengt’s Story began and how UE supported him on his way at www.ue-stories.com

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