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Playful Game Changer

Eva Lotta completed a master's degree in Corporate Management from University of Applied Sciences Europe. Today she works as a branch manager of the Young Talent Centre at the Hamburg Football Club (HSV). Eva Lotta wrote her master's thesis on "Corporate Development in Professional Sports" using the example of talent management at a German Bundesliga football club. Especially the focus on practical applicability during her studies has brought her a lot in retrospect:

"At the UE, we repeatedly created practical relevance and worked on real projects.”

Room for individuality
Eva Lotta was particularly impressed by the fact that the lessons left so much room for each individual student: "Many of my fellow students worked as working students during their studies, just like I did. Our lecturers were so flexible that we could often use the company we were working for as a case study".

International Summer School
The Summer School takes place annually and allows students to attend workshops and lectures at partner universities over a period of two weeks. Eva Lotta decided to go to Chicago: "During my stay there, the focus was on setting up businesses and financing. We were then all allowed to develop our own project and pitch it in front of investors."

Working on real projects during my studies
During her studies, Eva Lotta always had the chance to implement real projects under academic supervision. This led to the fact that today there is a hotel in Berlin-Köpenick, on whose business case she herself worked: "It was nice that the project was actually put into practice. The hotel still exists today. I'm still following it on social media."

Financing private studies with working student activity
The University of Applied Sciences Europe offers the opportunity to work as a student trainee for 20 hours during your studies in order to finance your studies: "Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are free in the morning, so you have time to work. In the afternoon, it's your turn to study."

Study Corporate Management
In the Corporate Management course of studies, you study specifically for a position in corporate management. Irrespective of the professional field, the demands placed on managers are now enormous: not only professional aptitude, but also entrepreneurial thinking, organisational talent and soft skills are required. This is why students are trained in risk management, corporate strategy and management, business administration, law, quantitative and qualitative methods, personnel development, ethics, intercultural practices and mediation. In addition, there is the analysis of case studies, business games as well as project and research internships with relevant business partners.

With special simulations, such as the CEO Decision Making Business Simulation, students are optimally prepared for the demands of their future careers. Thanks to specialisations that can be deepened individually, students can already decide during their studies what they want to concentrate on. For example, students can focus on taxes or controlling, value chain management, CRM, strategic marketing or sales, human resources or change management.

The course takes place between Wednesday afternoon and Saturday evening and gives students enough freedom to work part-time or as a student trainee alongside their studies. In addition, corporate management can be completed with an additional term also as double master’s degree - for instance in combination with sport & event management, marketing management & PR or also business psychology.

You can find out how Eva Lotta's story began as a sports manager and how the University of Applied Sciences Europe supported her on her way to becoming a branch manager at: www.ue-stories.com

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