UE Stories: Katharina

Multi Challenge Expert

Katharina completed a Bachelor's degree in Sport and Event Management and a Master's degree in Corporate Management from the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). Today, she works as a Global Brand Manager for Food-Tech trade fairs for one of Germany's best-known trade fair organisers.

"Above all, the practical training is a huge advantage. Most other universities are far too focused on the scientific aspects in their approach".

Mediator between trade fair operators and exhibitors
Thanks to the flexible choice of modules, Katharina has concentrated on the business part of her studies and is now working on the strategic orientation in the event sector: "I am in close contact with trade fairs and check whether the exhibitors are satisfied with the experience and the quality".

From the country to the big world
Katharina originally comes from North Rhine-Westphalia and completed her studies at the UE campus in Iserlohn. Today, she travels all over the world as a Global Brand Manager: "I am often in Brazil, Colombia or Italy. I just got back from a dairy fair in Mumbai."

Long-term benefits of studying
To this day, Katharina's studies at UE have helped her in her daily job: "Especially the project work and the tight deadlines have prepared me well for my profession. The activities I was involved with during my studies are very close to my everyday work. Many practical aspects that we have been taught at UE still help me today. More importantly, I learned the ability to work in a structured way and to plan ahead."

Enjoy learning
Katharina likes to think back on her time at UE: "The studies not only prepare you for the job, they also keep you together - I'm still close friends with many of my fellow students because we didn't just party together; we also learned through the nights.

With private financing to the desired studies
One day, her mother suggested to her that she studied privately: "In terms of costs, private studies made no difference to state universities. So I stayed at home and, with the money I saved, I financed my private studies. So I went on to earn a bachelor's degree in sports and event management at UE and then a master's degree in corporate management."

Studying Sports and Event Management
As a sports and event manager, we develop and manage events and major events from a wide variety of fields. This ranges from sports events and music festivals to marketing and corporate events in the business world or trade fairs. In addition to the conception and implementation, this also includes the consideration of profitability, the preparation of market analyses or the clarification of legally relevant circumstances. Due to the increasing importance of events and the increasing independence of organisers from established media through the Internet, the demand in this area is constantly growing.

The professional field is extensive and ranges from sports management and sponsor marketing to customer relationship management, event planning and PR. Students at UE learn the basics of sports, event and project management and acquire theoretical knowledge in business administration, controlling, economics, statistics and empirics, taxes, business law and mediation. In the end, they are able to develop, plan and accompany events and major events efficiently and effectively.

Thanks to individually dependable specialisations, you can already decide during your studies where you want to go: In the field of sports, for example, UE offers a targeted specialisation in football management and a specialisation in basketball with the dual study programme in sports and event management at ALBA BERLIN College. With the help of a large selection of optional modules, students can individually become professionals in areas such as automotive management, corporate management, digital business or public relations. In addition, UE offers entrepreneurship as a further consolidation option for all those who would like to become self-employed or perhaps already have an idea for their own company or start-up.

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