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Sascha started his career immediately after completing his bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Management at University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). Today he works for one of the largest software companies in the world and, as Head of New Business Development, is responsible for opening up new business areas. He guides companies from more than 15 industries into digitization. He says he owes his current career to his studies at UE. 

"The career opportunities for UE graduates are very good. Since the professors give really practical impressions one-to-one, graduates leave the university with knowledge that can be applied practically immediately.”

The right conditions for successful studies
"What is really special about UE is the combination of small learning groups, the enormous knowledge of the professors and many practical projects. Those who have a healthy interest in digitization and, above all, a passion for it, have the best prospects for the future". In his own words, he describes his studies as follows: "In addition to basic economic knowledge, one learns how the communications and media industry functions and, above all, how one can accompany media and companies through digital change.”

With the semester abroad the interview in your pocket
In the fifth semester Sascha spent a semester abroad at a university in South Africa via UE: "Again and again my semester abroad in Africa came up during job interviews. As soon as I began to talk, everyone was completely spellbound and almost only asked questions about my experiences.”

The digital job market is under challenged
Sascha says there is a great demand for new talent in this field: "We can always use good people". Unfortunately, many suitable applicants often lack the necessary soft skills and, above all, intercultural sensitivity: "These are also contents that are solidly conveyed at UE , but it's best to bring a strong willingness to communicate with yourself."

Private studies as an investment in the future
Sascha's parents still don't understand exactly what he does for living: "In particular, all the abbreviations in my field of work are difficult for her to understand - even though my mother now works in the field of software herself.” Nevertheless, it was always clear to him and his parents: "Private study is an investment in my future. I owe my current career to UE".

Studying Communication and Media Management
Media managers moderate the often very different requirements of editorial departments or creative departments on the one hand, and corporate management or financial planning on the other. They usually work in decisive positions in publishing houses, film productions or in management consulting. Communication managers, on the other hand, primarily control communication - not only in the sense of marketing, but also in the sense of internal communication or corporate communications. They are in demand as they are experts for all media channels - offline and digital. They are involved in planning, control, production and implementation as well as in the evaluation of projects.

In addition to the core disciplines of internal and external communication and marketing, the bachelor's programme teaches a broad spectrum of economic knowledge from the fields of business administration and economics, media, micro and macroeconomics, accounting, the basics of statistics and business law. Students also learn methods of market research, the writing of press releases and the creation of media content - from video and photos to text and audio - as well as the associated handling of content management systems. In addition, the Bachelor of Communication and Media Management prepares students for a leading position. This includes, for example, lectures in the areas of corporate management, strategic planning, project management and crisis communication, but also mediation techniques.

During the course of his studies, he worked for the editorial departments Terminal-Y on the Berlin campus, Grossstadtpapier in Hamburg and Maerkzettel in Iserlohn.

You can find out how Sascha's trip went and how UE supported him on his way at: www.ue-stories.com

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