• Investment in the future

    A private education can be expensive, so it’s important for the quality to be high. Choosing BiTS means investing in a top-class education with the best possible career prospects for your child.

    BiTS is a private university specializing in business, media, and psychology. It is our goal to prepare your son or daughter in the best possible way for a professional career and to nurture their growth as a person. We believe that practical experience and social skills are central to achieving this – as well as in-depth specialist knowledge.  The most important advantage awaiting your child at BiTS is the personal learning environment: learning in small groups and in close interaction with the professors.

  • Practical orientation

    The teaching method at BiTS is very much hands-on. Consequently, we have close ties with business. The practical seminars, the group projects, and the visiting professorships of experts from successful firms offer students highly topical course content. To pursue a career in a globalizing world, international study and work experience is essential. For this reason, semesters abroad, language classes, and Summer School programs are a compulsory part of almost all the courses at BiTS.

    And the results speak for our approach: Our graduates have a reputation of being eminently prepared to enter employment. Almost 70% succeed in getting their first job straight after completing their studies. Almost 90% are in employment within a few months. Employers include renowned national and international firms. No better reason, therefore, to choose BiTS when it comes to investing in your child’s future.

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