• Big Data Studium an der UE - Digital Business and Data Sciences

Digital Business & Data Science (B.Sc.)

Become an expert for digital transformation with the first management program in Germany for "Big Data"

“Big Data” and data analysis are the basis for commercial success in global companies such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon. 35% of companies currently use big data and the number continues to increase. As an expert in innovation, digital management, and technical programming, you’ll be in high demand in every industry. Our program at University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) is the only one in Germany that can give you these qualifications. We take great care to ensure that, as a student, you will be able to talk about more than just digital business, Industry 4.0, and innovations. You will program and realize your own ideas from day one!

As a student at the UE, you are manager and programmer in one. Our aim is to equip you for both sides of the digital economy: innovative entrepreneurship and technical expertise. Thus, we lay the foundation for your professional success or the founding of your own company in these future-oriented industries.