• Entrepreneurial Economics Master in English in Berlin

Entrepreneurial Economics (M.Sc.)

Austrian Economics Master Programme in Berlin

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Firms operate in a complex economic system subject to changing consumer tastes, new technologies and ongoing government interventions. For entrepreneurs to thrive, they need to fully understand market mechanisms and the ultimate forces of economic development. At the same time, economic processes are fundamentally driven by entrepreneurial activities. This calls for a theoretical paradigm that does not abstract from the crucial role of entrepreneurs but puts them right in the center of economic thinking. This is exactly, what the Austrian School of Economics does. It extends far beyond the economic mainstream by focusing on the scientific analysis of human action (praxeological approach) rather than on mathematical formalism. This strong intellectual community is growing and globally connected.

Entrepreneurial Economics is the first European English-language master programme based on the intellectual backbone of the Austrian School. The programme will guide you through the development of economic thought up to the frontier of modern knowledge broadening your analytical horizons and training out-of-the-box thinking. By stirring up the fascination of meaningful economic science this master programme appeals both to economists with academic ambitions as well as to future entrepreneurial decision makers. This is economics at its best!

Our university focuses on your development. That's why we teach in small learning groups and in a friendly and personal atmosphere. You will be taught by renowned lecturers with both scientific and business backgrounds. The campus is centrally located in Berlin, equipped with the latest technology, and known for its international atmosphere and its English-speaking environment. You want to combine your studies with a side job? It’s up to you as our lectures are scheduled from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday evening.