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Finance & Management

The Economy counts on you

In the age of globalization and increasing competition, it is becoming ever more important for top businesses to economize and achieve success in business processes. Finance managers play a very important role here. As a modern finance manager, you will be supporting businesses in achieving sustainable successes. You will be at the center, as the link to all the areas of a business.

The Master’s program of the University of Applied Sciences Europe with an emphasis on finance, controlling, and accounting offers an ideal basis for starting a career in a company, bank, or consultancy. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to work part-time and gain practical experience. As a student in the program, you will obtain the necessary expertise and methodological knowledge and be able to combine them with key qualifications relevant to management over the course of four semesters. Two phases spent abroad and in practical application, complex management simulations, management seminars, as well as regular case-oriented application of Excel and English skills will prepare you for your career in the finance sector from day one.

Take the plunge into a career in management at the Business Department at the University of Applied Sciences Europe. How? With an accredited Finance Management program at one of the 25 best universities worldwide with an international orientation.