• Der International MBA als Hybrid-Studium: Jetzt bewerben!

Master of Business Administration

Digital learning on a new level of quality (in accreditation)

The Hybrid-Degree in Business Administration to Accelerate Your Career

In a constantly changing business world, entrepreneurs can no longer rely on the skill-sets they have. What determines success is rather how willing they are to grow and responsibly claim new business opportunities. As a graduate of the Master of Business Administration, you are capable of taking on the challenges of a global and digital market, making use of innovations and coaching teams to success on all levels.

Define your business expertise in a whole new way! How? With a state-accredited Master of Business Administration program at one of the 25 world's most internationally connected universities.

With the MBA from the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you acquire leadership skills that qualify you for successful endeavors in a complex, digitalized world. Interdisciplinary thinking and work in intercultural settings are the basis of all of our modules. The curriculum involves customer analysis, managing and developing innovations, planning strategies at various levels of the organization, managing resources, and managing and leading companies and staff.

FIBAA, a European agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education says: 

"With this system, digital learning reaches a new level of quality."