• School projects with BiTS

    Information coming soon. Please visit us again in the near future. You can find information in German about our school projects here.

    Please contact our study guidance if you have any specific questions.

News & Events

  • Open House Day in Berlin

    Open House Day in Berlin

    Which subject is most suited to you? What abilities can you use and broaden in which study program? What are you passionate about? Find out about BiTS and what’s available in Berlin! At our Open House Day for those interested in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, we first and foremost present… More

  • Till Penzek: Stereotypen – Archetypen – Supertypen

    Till Penzek: Stereotypen – Archetypen – Supertypen

    Stereotypes are ubiquitous and can appear in positive as well as negative forms. They help us to categorize people and groups consciously and unconsciously, but also stir up prejudices. Stereotypes assume a fundamental role not only in the daily lives of ordinary people, but also in the world… More

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