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During the previous years the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) has vastly increased its interdisciplinary research activities and is now ranked amongst the top German universities based on output. All services connected to research are joined in the department of research. All employees are acting as a central service point for researchers and research matters at UE.

Due to complex procedures such as planning, application processing and project administration, UE opted for a horizontal approach. Research funds and associates can be accessed through the office of the research department, which assists with a variety of research activities. Furthermore, tenders of third-parties are constantly being monitored and reviewed regarding their interest in UE. Potential projects will be suggested to researchers to guarantee a quick and unbureaucratic procedure.

The prorectorat is the main contact person for third-parties such as companies. Businesses can contact Prof. Dr. Ralf Lanwehr at There are two options:
If you already know which field you would like to do research in, the research department will find potential partners within UE and introduce the partner with the researcher,


if you have not identified a field of research yet, the research department will assist you to define a relevant range of topics and identify potential partners.

The main areas of research at UE correspond with the values of UE. The focus is on a practice orientation and small and medium-sized enterprises. In some areas UE researchers are involved in foundational research. The latest research report from 2014 is available in German here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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