fact! e.V. was founded at University of Europe for Applied Sciences in 2002 to promote the exchange between scientific bodies and businesses within the region.   

The products and services offered by medium-sized businesses can compete with the products sold by large companies operating internationally. fact! e.V. works closely with regional businesses with the aim to pass on the management knowledge taught at University of Europe for Applied Sciences. Knowledge deepens and becomes more valuable when it´s used and disseminated.

All activities at a glance:

  • fact! forum: 
study groups, conferences, symposia
  • fact! survey
: studies on relevant topics at the institute
  • fact! training
: workshops, in-house training, seminars
  • fact! ory
: produces business solutions

fact e.V.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Burgartz
Campus Iserlohn
Reiterweg 26b
58636 Iserlohn

phone: +49 2371 776-0
fax: +49 2371 776-503