Institute for Balance Management

Is it possible to connect productivity and sustainability? How do we meet time and budget requirements without compromising employee satisfaction and innovative strength? 
When it comes to such decisions, traditional thinking only allows either one or the other. Unpleasant side effects have to be accepted. 

The work result at the Institute for Balance Management shows that there is a different approach: Balance Management explores the ways and means to reach apparently contradictory goals and points the ways towards sustainable success.

Using their own and current research findings, the institute produces results which can be used in practice. It supports its partners in implementing new strategies successfully and offers consultation services such as coaching, analyses, and the development of efficient communication strategies. 

Founded at University of Europe for Applied Sciences in 2014 under the name of An-institute, the Institute for Balance Management promotes the transfer from research into teaching. This field offers a variety of topics for Bachelor and Master´s theses.

Institut für Balance Management
Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Ralf Lanwehr
Campus Iserlohn
Reiterstraße 26b
58636 Iserlohn
+49 2371 776 573