Research Institute for Regional and Knowledge Management gGmbH

Managed by Professor Dr. Peter Vieregge since 2005, the An-Institute focuses on the use of knowledge technologies within businesses, innovation networks, clusters and organizations. About 80% of today’s data growth consists of unstructured data, which originates from the internet. How can this data be used by special search engines and individual news services?

In 2011 and 2012 a EU research project created an important foundation, generating various platforms and application areas.

  • Market-monitoring-systems for businesses: Trial cockpits are used for evaluations in the areas of customer acquisition, observation of competitors, technologies, young talents, future trends within industries, and SEO ratios for search engine optimization. Trial platform:
  • Knowledge systems for regional Clusters, innovation networks and business development: Regional clusters are agglomerations of economic competences. In Südwestfalen these include for example building technology, mechanical engineering, plastics processing, the wire or automotive industry. Trial platform: 
  • Knowledge systems for cities and city marketing: small and medium-sized cities suffer from demographic change and structural change in the retail business. First attemps to rebuild a city electronically were made in 2013. The goal was to make offers for residents more transparent. Trial platform:

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