Weiße Q - Institute for Market Research

Weiße Q Consulting was founded in 2008 at University of Europe for Applied Sciences and has become a well-established market research and consulting company operating throughout Germany. Once starting with offers for local and regional newspapers, it has developed into a versatile market research company with a scientific focus. Weiße Q is a full-service provider that acquires, analyzes and interprets market-relevant information for operational marketing and sales decisions. The company supports businesses in the development of products and marketing concepts to ensure sustainable business success. The ability to take a broader view, interlaced and linked thinking are basic principles. 
The team is involved in research and teaching through the university office on campus in Iserlohn. Local advantages are the direct transfer of current scientific findings into practice, and where applicable, access to a broad network of experts and specialists.  

Weiße Q Consulting GmbH

Campus Iserlohn
Reiterweg 26b
58636 Iserlohn

Firmensitz Dortmund
Benno-Jacob-Str. 13
44139 Dortmund
phone +49(0)231 79966-203