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HH - biber consulting e.V.

The student initiative biber consulting e.V. was founded in the summer semester of 2014 and is dedicated to the practical integration of content studied in the context of the school curriculum. Following the pioneering project b.one Consulting e.V. at University of Applied Sciences Europe in Iserlohn, students in Berlin are working to develop the following service: 

biber consulting e.V. supports SMEs and start-ups in Berlin and the surrounding areas on positioning and communication of effective branding. The focus lies on organizations whose staff can benefit from external support as they lack knowledge in these areas.

For the school 

As the first student resort at the Campus Berlin, our initiative aims to create a comprehensive network for the University of Applied Sciences Europe through contacts with local authorities and educational establishments, as well as other university initiatives and companies at the new site. Furthermore, it aims to lay the foundation for subsequent projects and to bring to life in Berlin long-term the exemplary engagement, which represents the true core of the school culture in Iserlohn. 

For the capital city 

Additionally, the association aims for a holistic perspective on regional education and economy. A diligent development of the range of services offered mentioned above yields a tremendous competitive advantage relative to the time spent and at little expense. This support benefits the innovative spirit around the start-up culture in Berlin. Education-oriented projects are also planned, such as offering voluntary help to school students in cooperation with nearby institutions. 

For our students 

A membership offers students substantial added value based on their degree of motivation and personal effort. The convergence of different disciplines offers practical opportunities for first professional experiences and the acquisition of soft skills, including independent organization and presentation of projects, teamwork and group management, and mediation and internal communication. The voluntary involvement, which is not only beneficial for external applications, can motivate students through first practical successes in their chosen field, as well as provide contacts from an expanding network of clients, partners, trustees, and mentors. In addition, the close collaboration with partner projects underway at Iserlohn and soon in Hamburg, gives students further opportunities to gain expert knowledge and new contacts.