• BiTS2Society


BiTS2Society e.V. is one of the social and oldest resorts at University of Applied Sciences Europe. Here you have the possibility to act on your social conscience in the Märkischer Kreis region through our various projects. All our projects require committed members, so that we can collect sufficient funds to distribute to our projects at the end of each semester. Besides simple monetary donations, we organize special projects to present the donations. Renovation of offices and lounges for our project partners is one such example. Become a member, even a project leader, and a part of our large B2S Team.

Poker tournament 

The poker tournament brings together students as well as members of the faculty once each semester to practice their poker face. All proceeds from this evening will be saved for future projects. You can participate in organization, service, financing, or as a dealer. 

Blood donation day 

The blood donation day takes place each semester in cooperation with the German Red Cross. Members support the German Red Cross in preparation and on the day itself. 


Horizonte is a computer course for seniors in which students teach the basics such as: How do I work with Word? How do I access the internet? How do I write an e-mail. Seniors and students meet once a week and learn from each other. No one eats alone is the project where you can cook with the seniors at the retirement home. You give them something different from the mundane. 

Animal shelter 

In the animal shelter you can walk the dogs or play with the cats every week. Show your affection for abandoned animals and demonstrate that there are people other than the staff at the animal shelter who care for them. 


By tutoring elementary school children you can help with finishing the homework or revising the lessons. A regular contact person is a great help for your tutees. 

Youth center 

At the youth center, you engage with the youth. You cook together and plan the afternoon with them. Demonstrate to them what they could achieve with a bit of effort and give them diversion from their day-to-day life. 

Iserlohn hospital 

You can play with children in the children’s ward at a hospital in Iserlohn and provide them with entertainment. You will be welcomed by bright eyes. 

World AIDS Day 

On World AIDS Day support is needed once a year for preparation and for collecting donations. For this, we work with AIDS-Hilfe MK e.V. Handing over the donation is one of the tasks.