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BiTS Debating

The BiTS Debating Society would like to present itself: 

Debates are not just about rhetoric, but also competent presentation, reasoning, and the ability to convince others. 

You learn how to build your argument by connecting it to examples logically and to defend it. These are skills expressly wished for by the school’s students and which should be taught at every school and college. In professional careers it is unfortunately all too common to see leading managers lacking these skills. 

Our training sessions take place every Tuesday at 7 pm in room 02.00.13 and alternate between English and German. Before the debate there is a workshop in which the above-mentioned skills are discussed and then applied in the debate. These workshops are led by club members as well as members of the faculty and external representatives from the business world. 

We do not just train at school on our own; we also travel almost weekly to national and international tournaments where we compete against teams from all over the world.