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Introducing UE Iserlohn’s marketing team

Now you’ve finally graduated from high school! But what’s next?

This is a question many high school graduates will be asking themselves. Going to university will be on the cards for many, but some may be feeling overwhelmed by the diverse range of options. It’s time to order prospectuses and find out about different universities and colleges so you can gain an overview.

Many high school students start their research in their final year of school by attending higher education fairs or taking part in taster study sessions. This gives them a chance to get a closer look at universities. The University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) also takes part in many of these fairs as well as offering regular taster sessions and open house events for prospective students.

What’s the role of our marketing team?

This is where the UE marketing team comes in: we are the ones who support the open house events and taster sessions; we also represent the university at education fairs, answer prospective students’ questions, and help them to get orientated. We run tours of the university campus for parents and high school students, and provide answers to their numerous questions.

At many universities, it is the professors who are responsible for introducing the study programs and answering any related questions. Of course, our teaching staff and study guidance team are also on board and work closely with us so that prospective students have the chance to meet their future professors.

But there some questions which are best answered by our students: Will I have enough time to pursue my hobby alongside my lecture program? What is everyday life like for UE students?

Our marketing team has other responsibilities in addition to the education fairs, open days, school visits, and taster sessions. These include planning fresher’s week events and designing logos, as well as supporting other campus events and developing marketing campaigns for various campus departments.

Who are we?

Our team includes members from all our study programs to ensure that we have a diverse representation at our events. We enjoy communicating with people and providing honest answers to their questions.

Our marketing management team organize the events, divide our team members fairly between different events, and introduce new members to their responsibilities. Of course, someone from our management team is generally present at all events. We are also actively supported by the university’s study guidance team.

What makes our team special?

First of all, as a large, diverse team, our department gives you the opportunity to meet many interesting students from all semesters. Our members get to know new people, improve their communication skills, and build their confidence. What’s more, they have the chance to actively participate in university events.

One big advantage is that we don’t have weekly meetings, so we are only ‘on duty’ when it suits us. However, for your work on the marketing team to be recognized, you need to help out at least twice per semester.

Thanks to the wide range of tasks involved, students can work on the projects that interest them most. So if you want to improve your communication skills, you can take part in our open days or education fairs. If you enjoy meeting new people and organizing events, our fresher's week program is the perfect opportunity for you. And if you are the creative type, you can develop your full potential by getting involved in one of our marketing campaigns.

Interested in joining our team? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to welcome you to our next team meeting!

Ressort-Lead: Maximilian Jost
Email: marketing.ressort@ue-germany.de