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Valuable contacts: the alumni network

Studying at University of Applied Sciences Europe not only prepares students for professional life, it is also a formative time in their lives. The years spent living and learning at the university and on campus shape everyone individually. This creates a strong sense of solidarity among students. Their shared experience forms the basis for BiTS Alumni e.V., the network of all graduates and students of the UE universities in Iserlohn, Hamburg, and Berlin.

  • BiTS Alumni e.V.

    BiTS Alumni e.V. is the registered association of graduates of the university and serves as the communicative link between students, past and present, and University of Applied Sciences Europe. The association allows members to use their contacts for private and professional purposes, and actively supports the exchange of information and solidarity.

    The Career Center forms the bridge between BiTS Alumni e.V. and the university. On the one hand, the Career Center maintains services for graduates even after they have completed their studies and is a point of contact for them when it comes to applying for jobs. On the other hand, the alumni themselves are a link between their employers and the university – mostly in relation to recruiting.

    In addition, student coaching by our alumni is supported by the University of Applied Sciences Europe Alumni Mentoring Program, which was set up by the association in conjunction with the Career Center. The aim of the mentoring program is to assign students of the university to mentors. The mentors are mainly university graduates who have an established career and wish to advise and encourage future graduates. The program is open to students of all disciplines. Get-togethers allow both parties to get to know one another, which may lead to tandems between alumni and students. Regional after-work events involving various activities provide an opportunity for non-local alumni to network.

    The strong solidarity between the members of BiTS Alumni e.V. is also evident in what the dedicated members offer present students. It is possible for members of BiTS Alumni e.V. to have their references and applications looked over in a simple and convenient process, where association members in an HR and/or recruiting role and with a managerial function check the documents free of charge on a voluntary basis and give feedback in writing or by phone.

    More than 70 of our graduates have set up their own firm or are involved in a new start-up. The logical next step for the alumni association is therefore to facilitate a new phase of networking with this group. The Alumni Entrepreneur’s Day brings together founders and those interested in setting up a firm.