How to apply for a Bachelor Degree

If you start the programme with false expectations, you run the risk of being disappointed or losing precious time. For this reason, we fully inform our applicants and have a rigorous selection process to try to find out how well University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is suited to you. Only if we are convinced that you have the requirements to complete your studies successfully with us do we then offer you admission. And, equally, you should be sure about us.

You can apply a year in advance for your desired starting semester. The application deadline for the winter semester is 1 September (Non-EU: 1 September*) and for the summer semester February 28th (Non-EU: February 05th). After these deadlines there will be a waiting list procedure for available study places each semester. If you already have a valid student visa for Germany, you can apply within the official application deadline.

* Please take into consideration delays e.g. with entry visa.

By the way: you can complete the entrance examination without having a high school diploma or equivalent, one year before you plan to start your studies. This gives you certainty one year before about whether you will be accepted to study at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) or not.

Please forward your application from now on for summer and winter semester 2021. Click here and apply now!