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Career Center

Well connected: The Career Center

The Career Center of University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) serves as an interface between the university and commercial enterprises. There are two elements to its service:

  1. The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) also has a new career portal for students: JobTeaser
    The Career Center guides students along their path from enrollment to employment, and supports them with their internship and career plans.
  2. The Career Center comes up with and implements initiatives with the aim of generating interest among commercial enterprises in the university and its students, and provides individual services to strengthen contacts with HR decision-makers. The Career Center offers different channels of communication between enterprises, students, and alumni.

To prepare them for entering the workplace, students are offered an extensive advisory and coaching session. One-to-one meetings are held to develop ideas on how internships and additional student activities can be planned and structured to achieve specific ends. The Career Center also provides the necessary skills, methods, and information on professional applications and how to fulfill the requirements of the application process competently. The main purpose of the Career Center is thus to support and guide. 

Once part of the family, always part of the family: Alumni

The Career Center is also the university’s point of contact with Alumni e.V. the Alumni Mentoring Programme. This is a joint initiative of the Alumni Association and the Career Center. Past students mentor present students, answer questions, and support them in building up their network. The Career Center sets up tandem arrangements between alumni and students, and regularly organizes events or joint initiatives, including outdoor team training, a caving expedition and the Alumni Day. The aim of all joint activities (whether they take place on campus in Iserlohn, Berlin, or Hamburg, or are an off-campus, after-work event) is to support and expand the network between alumni and students.